Transforming Life Science
A strategic growth partner to top life science, bioinformatics, and digital health companies

Experience Meets Innovation

The life science industry is constantly changing by its very nature.  That necessitates a continuously evolving approach to strategic development, commercialization, growth, and financing.  The highly regulated and capital intense nature of health care, however, leaves little room for error.  Aporia combines deep expertise across the continuum of health care development and delivery with a firm dedication to innovative thinking that ensures our companies have the most efficient and lowest risk paths to success.  

Scientists, Operators, Investors

Advancing our understanding of disease, bringing new treatments to the market, and improving health outcomes requires a nuanced understanding of the entire landscape of life science and health care expertise.  Aporia's team has worked as bench scientists, clinical physicians, start-up founders, company executives, and public markets investors.  We've walked every step required to go from great idea to successful product, and we help our companies cover that ground faster, better, and more efficiently.